is it a bad or good monday??

Today, I am feeling very bad 😦
Almost 2013, why do I still met people who differentiate one and the other?

Today, when I asked someone about something, but that person didn’t respond to me. It’s a while I waited, but still no answer. I think positively, that those person is still very busy, so he can’t  immediately answered my questions.

But, when my friend came, things get changed. I told her everything. And my friend finally asked back. And a few moments later, the man had answered my friend’s question.

I’m so sad 😦 emoticons-sad2

Is it because of my lack of interest, I was not as pretty as my friend, I look bad, so everyone put aside my?
Is it wrong, be who I am now? Is a person like this is my will?

I don’t want to be a woman who talked too much, because that’s not me. I like the quietness. I did all that matters. If it’s not that I did again, then I’ll go.

I dn’t like over expression. And not everybody like that. I did my own way. But, in some people’s eyes, the way I do was less attractive.

I hope, that one day, people look at me the same as the other.

It Should be, this Monday I say Happy Monday. And should again, I gave my best smile on this Monday, because Monday is our first step, starting this week 🙂


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