Bad past everyone?

when you have a bad past, are u ready to share it with others?


I also had.
Not just the bad, even the present is also not that good. To see the future, I don’t dare.

With my current life, I’m like to live alone in this world. Although I know, there are always people who can evoke  me with any of my past.

maybe now, people from my past have spread all the bad things about me.
They do not even know what’s going on with me and what actually happened. All they know, they are safe on where they are now.
One thing I hate that moment until now, was a sycophant.

True that  in this world, when you can not be a sycophant, then you will miss out. Even more cruelly.

Everyone has a past. And how we react to it, is one thing that important. I chose to remember, sometimes cryptic, sometimes obvious and very painful. I don’t want to throw it. I will not throw it away. I will continue to remember it, until one day, I was doing something right n I’ll show them, that they are just a big of SHIT!!



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