Long time . . .

hi, 😀
when I just want to write something, suddenly I was shocked to see this. ..

it was more than a month I didn’t  give an update to this blog : (
hemmm. . .
well, with my new job, so I forgot about this blog : ( . . .


and so . .what can I share to you . . .hemmm . .

first, let me share about what happened with 2010MadeWithLove . .

** Their batik collection already launched :

this is one of their champaigne :

and this collection survived quite rapidly, because this collection is a mini collection. After that, proceed with the Tenun collection, this is one of their champaigne photo :

cool huh???

keep updated with them.

Like their page on facebook :

2010 made with love

Le Patrimoine by 2010 made with love

hohohohoh 😀


Anddd the next thing that I want to share  is my plan to make a small project.

There’s always a challenge to start something. Or maybe I am too much planning, but I never realize any : (

but, this spirit appeared again, and I don’t want to waste it anymore. While I can, I will try harder.
just wish me luck 😉


and, in the end of this post,

Happy Friday All . . ^_^

have a great day with full of love and happiness


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