What a “Great” Monday!!!

I got headache and another had sensitive  . . and me stuck right here 😥

Monday oh monday . . . do u always make people like this?? Oh I see that’s way they called you ” I hate monday” now, I know . .

My boss promised to her self that she will quit smoking. . . but I think that wasn’t good idea  . .

Why??? well, she don’t like candy or any snack. I mean, when she wanna smoke, then she can eat candy or snack to replace the smoke. And from what I’ve heard that smoke make your sensitivity rises. So, it’ll make you temperamental :(. I mean, ure too sensitive.

Well. that’s my boss. N me??? yupp, my headache . . . dunno for sure, why I got this, but I already take a medicine . . .so, I hope it’ll be okay for next 3 hour before I get home . . .

Fiuhhh what a tired day, what a Great monday!!!

Happy Monday everyone~


Quotes Source : finermind.com


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