Being Grateful :)

Grateful. . .
This word, I still learned so far. To me, gratitude is the toughest challenge. I have never know how to do “The Right Grateful”.
But after many years, I began to be made aware with the people around me, what is the true meaning of gratitude.

Thankful, not just, “thank god”, or just “well its enough”, but grateful that I live is acomparison between myself and others.

When I was a child and be the poor children among other rich, then all of a sudden I turn on the television, I saw shows how children who may also exist around me,they don’t get a decent education as well. They also can’t taste the delicious food. But, from what I see, their eyes always indicate happiness. They show me how to smile. From that, I start to smile, whatever I am, whatever my life and whatever God has given tome 🙂

I am not the only one who get this destiny, when you just look near you, then you will never find what grateful is. Open your eyes, wherever you go, or wherever you do something. You will find a child in a road, selling a newspaper. You will see an old man, selling a snack. And why do we always ungrateful to this life???

Now, get back to your life, start to smile, and always think about it before you ungrateful, you are not the only one who get the problem in this world, there are to many people around us, who get bigger problem, then never ever say that you are the unlucky person in the world 🙂

Cheers everyone, and always thankful 😀


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