Last two days. .

Last two days, my husband decided to take a vacation 🙂
I asked to go by it. The first day, the places we visited was the place we used to visit. Once in place, I think I remember the days before, the time when I still do not feel the love. And for me, it’s very pleasant feeling.

I remember our almost two years journey. Often get bored sometimes, but I stay strong and survive. Until finally, yesterday I repeat the feeling I’ve ever felt before. Feeling excited and passionate to be able to live together :).

There is not much we do there. We just traveled for nearly three hours. After leaving that place, I feel like re-living the life that used to be. Was naive and always confident 🙂

The next day. . .
we decided to go to one of the wholesalers in surabaya. The goal, to seek a “Pencak” uniform (martial Arts of Indonesia). We may not be appropriate when both go to the mall. The reason is, because I do not like too long in the mall, while my husband, who likes to see the items on offer (although in the end, he will not buy thhat goods). But luckily, my husband come home immediately.

Last two days will not be forgotten :). Doesn’t matter a great place, expensive and luxurious. But about how it brings a memory for us.
For me, as long as my husband could also enjoy, it is enough 🙂

Happy Monday Everyone 🙂

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