When I get Bored~~~

Hi everyone ~

Today is Tuesday, and already two days my boss is not here. She’s currently in singapore to find some items for her business.

And I myself was feeling bored to the max, it’s almost a month of my very few sales. I feel like an unemployed but I am still on the payroll just to sit and look at the computer. And all this makes me feel guilty.

I also want to be able to work with as possible, I want to get involved much. However, what they thought is I am not that clever in front of my boss. I am a little disappointed, I was excited when taking this job. But my boss did not know about it.

And here I am now. From now on I will only do the orders I received, I mean, I’ll just do my job. I’ll shut up when they are asked about design or others. Provided they do not interfere with my work, I’ll shut up. I was disappointed.

I do not care if in fact, they were disappointed with my attitude. They had not know if what I have done that have made their disappointment and disgust, is caused by their own.

Essentially, I will enjoy every minute of my working hours. I’ll try not too feel guilty with all these circumstances.

Happy Tuesday Everyone



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