Kuning,has given birth ^_^

Hahahaha, I was so surprise, Yesterday, while I worked, Mom send me a sms, n she said that kuning already have a baby ~ Wow, I think she would have it at bight :p hehehe

And Mom also told me, that Kuning have 4 baby. Weewwww, I can’t imagine, how will I take care of them ~ But, i still happy of it. I didn’t take theri picture, coz I feel likeee “iiiiuuuuuhh”. I dunno I just, can’t see them. But, Mom said that the baby are nice. They have nice colour and Mom, start to like it. And I think, Okay, Mom will no problem with 4 kids, hahahahaha sory Mom.

Xixixixix, Im so excited with my new family, I dunno if its boy or girl. But, whatever, I still luvin it. And I’ll take their pic soon. 🙂

hohohohohohohohohohoho ^_^

Congratz Mom Kuning 😀


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