When I start to write a story . . .

Story about a phenomenon and culture around us. The story of the love that is always the same.

Meby, an ordinary girl, with ordinary life. He never felt life is stressful. All was safe for her. She was not a rich girl. She’s not a pretty girl. Her family worked very hard for her to stay in school. After she graduated. Her parent aren’t able to pay her college. So, she decided to get a work. She work as a administrator.
Someday, she get a short message to her phone and it says :
“lili, tonight, i’ll pick u up, we’re going to Cinema”
Meby get confuse and she reply :
“Sory, u got the wrong number”
Then it’s continue to introducing each other. From there, it’a all begin. That “wrong-number” person, is a male. Everyday, meby get a message from him. Asking about everything. But, Meby are meby are self-conscious person. She knew, she will never get a male or lover, with her physic.
But, this “wrong-number” person, invited meby to meet at her work. Than, it’s happen.

oh my goshhhh
I couldn’t even finish this story. HIkzz, hikzzz 😦
I really want to finish this story. But, I can not even imagine what happened to the girl. And I also do not know the end of the story. For me, this story very closely with me. By writing this story, I might as well reveal my own wound 😦 and I really do not want to do that. T_T


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