The Gift is Coming ~

After a week of my birthday, finally the gift was coming ~ hahahaha
It’s not about how much and how luxury or anything ~
For me, when they remember my birthday, n they give me something to remember, that was perfect birthday for me.
Everything they gave to me, it’s a special for me. They spend their time to go to the mall. They think so hard to look for the best give to us. That’s way, I just love a friend who give me a gift ^_^
And, yesterday, they gave me a cute bag for my laptop.

the gift ^_^

the greeting card ^_^

Cute Yellow BAg ^_^

with that little teddy ^^

I thank to God ~ Everything on me, just perfect on My 20th ^_^
N Now, I start to learn to love each other, ini any condition n situation ~ Luvin all, even it ur enemy ~
N More Love For my Family n My Lovely Husband ~ He was perfect gift for me ^_^

Thankyou all ~


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