Sad News I Heard today :(

My husband’s salary was less. But, when he took this decision, I am so sad.

My husband worked at a navy institution. He earned salary not much. Only enough for himselves. I also work. I also use my salary for my own purposes. My husband started to think to look for additional work so he can increase our money for our needed.

Last week, my husband put a job application at a restaurant. And he got word to come today. This afternoon, my husband went to meet the call.

Something very surprising. The restaurant’s manager told him to work tomorrow. Yet on Saturday, he had to work at the navy office. However, it does not matter, because there has been a friend who would replace him.

When I heard the news of my husband, I feel very sad and happy. Little Happy and more sad 😦 .

Happy, because he has found additional work. In the restaurant, he will be positioned as anassistant chef. For me, it’s quite a relief, because in my mind, he will be positioned as awaiter. And, after he got that position, maybe he’ll get a lot of cooking experience  🙂

Sad, because he would rarely go home 😦 . Meets once every three days, has made ​​me very miss him. I feel so lonely all day. I just wait him, hours after hours, minute after minute 😦 . My husband tells me, that he would come home at 10pm on his, while I, at 10 pm it was time for bed. Then, how can we be together?

Hikss T_T , but for him, I’ll hold my feeling is, until when? may God give the best for us 🙂


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