After Pacet day ~

Hikzzz 😦 what a sad ~ I forgot my picture ~ I leave it at home T_T huaaaaa ~ How colud I . . . 

I wanna share it today, but I think, I’ll do it tomorrow 😦 . 

All that I wanna say is, We are really enjoyed that day. Dad were really happy. He never been there before. N so mom too. But, Sadly, this place was closed yesterday. Because previously there is news that there had been floods and landslides. In fact where we were headed not affected. But because the news is wrong, so the place was closed: (.

Fortunately there are still some around a small pool of hot water as well. So we and othe rvisitors can still enjoy the Pacet hot water  🙂
We soaked for a long time about 2 hours. After a long soak, Mom can not stand to shop for souvenirs. And we found out that in place, the food is quite cheap. With money no more than50.00 ($ 5) we’ve been able to carry 2 bags full of souvenirs.
After shopping for souvenirs, we were ready for lunch (at 15.00). After lunch, we finally go home. And when the way home I had left behind, and had to wait a while for the shuttle. But thankfully, we all survived. And our return trip as smoothly with our departure.

Tomorrow I’ll update our family Gallery . Xixixixixixi, can’t wait to show off :p


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