A day with Kuning’s Mom ~

Yesterday Kuning’s mother ( I called her Pus or Mbok)  was very spoiled on me. Perhaps because she was pregnant, so she became more lazy. He is more often sleep and not attractive as usual.
At night, she suddenly approached me and sat on my lap as she leaned her head in my hands to sleep, while I was working in front of computer. Then Mom took a picture of Us. Xixixixixixixi, Mom n I still Miss The Kuning, but when we know that Mbok was pregnant again, we were so confused, because his stomach is larger than the previous pregnancies. We fear, Mbok produce more cat babies.We fear, we can not treat them well :(.

Since this type of cat  just ordinary, so it’s hard for us to find people who want to accommodate the Mbok baby  later. I hope that we can take care of all Mbok children  later 🙂


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