Kuning, where are you T_T

It has been two days since him go from home. At the time of him go from home, he was sick: (.
This does not usually do. He would always come home after a long playing outside. but, thissduah two days. I’m afraid he died on the road. Her body was getting thinner due to illness.He was rarely eat lately T_T


come home puss, , ,

Since birth, Si Kuning has never played outside the house. At the most, he just sunbathingin in the yard. The rest he’d rather sleep in my mom’s blanket, or in my bed. More often, he accompanied my mom activity. And Mom always bothered him was ripe armpits.But, after two days, I have not seen it. Every time I come home from work, without being able to be explained by my parents, he could recognize the voice of my vehicle. He would run and greet me at the door with a sweet face T_T. I miss himmmm T_T

I can’t let you go now, please, come homeeeeeeeeeeeee T_T



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