Tugu Tani Incident

First of all, let us pray for the victims. For those who died in Tugu Tani, rest in peace. May God bless u ~This is an event that took place yesterday. A woman driving her car and hit a pedestrian. A total of 9 people died in the incident.
Upon investigation it turns out the woman is in a drunken condition and positively take a drugs. Not only that, she was also driving a car with no any license (oh my God!!).
I found the youtube video of the person who recorded the events surrounding the victim lying on the street. for those of you who are curious, here’s the video link :
News of this incident has been featured in numerous media.
– – –
I really can not bear to see the incident, because of the news I read, the victims includedchildren and teenagers. Though the victim is still feasible to live: (. In fact I read again,there is a mother of four person family, is a victim of the accident: (I do not know what to say. I’m just sad. Humans death can not really predict. : (
And I read on twitter, people are attacking this woman impactor with a variety of insultsand invective. But, that makes no sense, because those people have to call this woman fat (okay, she did have a fat) but, then what? This woman is guilty of driving in the wrong way, killing nine people at once. But why should assess the physical?
– – –
which makes me annoyed over this incident is, the offender is punishable only 6 years in prison. what? only 6 years of punishment? This is my pride, lives 9 people, only worth the 6 years in prison if it calculated 6 divided by 9 = 0.7 years or one life sentence = 8 months 12 days, wow, is that great?
– – –
However, for all my friend, anywhere u come from. If u have a ride, make sure u drive it in the right condition. It’s not only for your safety, but also for other safety. If u dont wanna care other, just let u love ur body n ur future 🙂
Source : (reading n learning) Jawa pos (newspaper), Metro TV, TV One

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