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  • diamond from sierra leone
  • get crazy
  • i got from my mama
  • like a G6
  • rocketeer
  • party rock anthem
  • oh my gosh
  • turn up the music
  • titanium
  • etc.


let’s party… P – A – R – T – Y……



it’s been a long time 🙂

hope everything okay..

n happy fasting for all moeslem in the world~ may this ramadhan bring peace, and barakah~


this mont maybe the hard month~ But I believe, really believe that God is on my side. God may give me a great problems, but Im sure, God will give me the Greatest story in the end~ And maybe God want me to be a greatest person too, so the more problem i got, the more patient I have~ and I never stop to ask God, to give me a better life 🙂


Happy Tuesday Everyone :))

past week


yess bali, where you can only Know Bali than Indonesia as a country where bali is the city 🙂

Our company (finally) have their first flagship store 🙂 n there we are, at Nusa Dua, Bali

Everything is fine and nice, except the crowded~ yesss traffic is everywhere~ dunno what will bali in 10 years 😦

But unforunately I come to bali to “work”. But I really want to go to Bali (again) my self and enjoying everything in Bali 🙂 *seems nice, really niceee*


But in my “5 day in Bali”, the most uncovenient things is my Mom~ Im worried till die when she said, she wasn’t okay *Goshhhh* T_T

But everything okay…

Tuesday – 13:26 – 16/04/2013

Tired is when I realized that I have not been able to. .
I’m tired, but I’m not giving up. . I just need my spirits back . . .
lots of love, lots of hope. . let’s make today better than yesterday, and tomorrow became a greater day 🙂



There are four questions of value in life… What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love.

-Johny Depp





-Quote Source : brainyquote.com

when mom suffered

I can’t understand when my mother blamed by others. When it “blame” unrealize by Mom.  And it “blame” , just made up by someone else.
I hate when I have to think about it, not because I hate them, but because my mother all the time thinking about them.

We always tried to make our mind in POSITIVE.
But when all this happened, what else can we do but be patient and hope that God will keep us, and God knows how to take care of these people. . .I believe that and always . .


luv u Mom

[need help] I can’t open my WordPress

it’s not wordpress btw, but my address : wahyumahbubah.wordpress.com 😦

dunno why . .

I thought it’s about the internet connection, but it’s fine 😦

huaaaaa what to do . . . .

please . please . .please . . any suggest??? (T_T)




yeayyyy finally my wordpress address can be opened again xoxoxox


Happy International Woman’s Day :)

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” – Brigham Young




image from : Google.com to celebrate International Woman’s Day

Thankyouuu Mom, for wasting ur time to give me a learn, The Best dan greatest learning 🙂 n thankyou to all woman in the world that makes this world colorfullllllll 🙂 n thankyou for google to make that homepage hehehehehe

Blueberry and Lemon

I dont want to read this blog #sighh
(huaaaaaaaaaaa want it want it want it . . .)

Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast


If you are hungry and haven’t had a good meal in a few hours…

You don’t want to read this blog!

You have been warned!

Tonight I made a new recipe. It’s not anything out of this world or dramatic in appearance.

They just came out so good that I had to share them! 

They are….


Blueberry and Lemon Pancakes!


1 3/4 cups All Purpose Flour

1/4 Salt

1 tablespoon heaping Baking Powder

1/3 cups Sugar

1 1/2 cups Milk

1 Lemon (juice and zest)

1 large Egg

1 1/2 teaspoons Vanilla

2 tablespoons melted Butter

1 pint of Blueberries


Heat your griddle or skillet to medium.

In a large bowl, mix your dry ingredients (not blueberries). In a separate bowl, mix your wet ingredients (not blueberries). After mixing, add your wet ingredients to you dry ingredients. Mix until smooth, but may have a few limps in…

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